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Ultrasound Coupling RichmarGelShot

Therapeutic ultrasound treatment will never be the same with the all new, patented GelShot Therapeutic Ultrasound Coupling Discs. GelShot eliminates the mess and waste of traditional ultrasound gel with convenient semi-solid gel discs that fit virtually all clinical therapeutic ultrasound applicators via our custom-designed adaptors.

Clinical and Therapeutic Advantages: GelShot vs. Ultrasound Gel

A clinical study has shown that tissue heating during therapeutic ultrasound is higher with GelShot than with traditional ultrasound gel, showing up to a 40% increase.  GelShot addresses infection prevention with a single-patient-use disc infused with anti-bacterial agent, reducing the worry of cross-contamination found with bulk containers of ultrasound gel.

  • Superior Coupling and Tissue Heating for More Efficient Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Reduced Risk of Cross Contamination between Patients
  • No Scooping or Mess Unlike Traditional Ultrasound Gel
  • No Mess Means No Clean Up or Laundering of Towels
  • Better Efficiency, Especially Over Uneven Skin Surfaces
  • Consistent Dosage Control
  • Extended Treatment Area with 360º of Mobility
  • Patented in Over 30 Countries
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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